Consulting & Development Services

Please note: I'm no longer provinding services in Tokyo. This page is kept here for reference.

I am available for consulting and development work in the Tokyo area or remotely.

People approach me on technical issues including, but not limited to:

  • Building a new product, or helping to develop one on all technical aspects
  • Solving business-specific problems with tailor-made software
  • Help with Python programming (with Django, Flask, Falcon, aiohttp, ...)
  • Guidance on new or existing projects, e.g., for a SaaS product
  • Databases (mostly SQL): schema design, performance issues

About me

I have years of professional experience of designing, implementing and managing Web-based products like SaaS backends and APIs. I have worked on various domains: live broadcasting, scheduling optimization, programmatic marketing, data analytics.

Want to work with me?

Then, feel free to send me an email and tell me about your project!

If you are in Tokyo, we can meet at your office/coffee shop/izakaya to discuss it.

If your project needs complementary expertise outside my skillset (e.g., substantial frontend development, design, UI/UX), then I can work with a specialist from my network or help you connect with them.

Contact me